Monday, January 13, 2014

Making the crying baby, SMILE

There was a Rangoli (Kolam) competition at Pondicherry beach presented by the Pondicherry Tourism Dept (@6a.m. on 12Jan'14, a Sunday). I got to know of it through the Pondicherry Photorgaphy Club. As I was riding down to Chennai to deliver my Brother's Royal Enfield, I spent a little time, enroute here, to take a few clicks. 

Reached there at about 7.00 a.m.; there were a number of women trying their efforts out in making the winning Kolam (Rangoli).

Happened to see a lady drawing the Kolam while her annoyed tiny tot was pestering her.

The little girl seemed to be agitated, may be due to a disturbed sleep on a early morning. She was not letting her mum to draw the Kolam.

Managed to click her while she was crying.

Started a conversation with this tiny tot and managed her to come near me. I zoomed here crying face on my camera to a bigger size and showed it to her.

She then cheered up a bit forgetting her cries.

Now she happily went behind her mom to pose for another photograph.

Her mom too was bit relieved as well finished drawing the rangoli as the tiny tot stopped blocking her mum's efforts.

A different experience for me !