Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The year 2013 experience


MRF Formula 2000 Racing Event got me the perfect to clicked my camera to the utmost to my satisfaction. 

Achieving a panned shot of the speeding race car with an ordinary digital camera is a challenge. Successfully achieved it. The above is the result of a panned shot of the Formula 2000cc car I clicked with my point and shoot digital camera - FujiFilm JZ300.

Got that golden half minute to get a click with the Managing Director of our organisation MRF during the race event.

That was a great memorable shot because my former boss and current boss are there in this frame. 

A click with Mr.Narain Karthikeyan, the fastest Indian on the Earth!


Bought a new Point and Shoot digital camera F770EXR through my colleague Peroumal Ji. This camera is an advanced P&S camera with a 20X optic zoom and since it is not available in India, my colleague helped me to get it from the USA.

My photography skill got mentioned in my organisation MRF - A click of my bike tyre went into the annual corporate presentation with a mention of me. Got me noticed in higher echelons of my career life.

Reviewed a yet to be launched Royal Enfield #Bullet500. Finished 2500 kms over a period of 20 days. Took it on an arduous long four day 1710 kms trip, riding the bike through four states in south india along with some interesting hard core riders. Clocked my longest ride of 647 kms through 3 states in a single day.
Luckily got invited to the SUV offroading initiative of Audi Chennai on the Q type of Audi cars.
Driving the sophisticated luxury car was a great experience.

Covered Offroading of Renault Duster cars. It was a great time to get introduced with the thrilling group of adventurous group - "Jeep Thrills".


My interest in Bulletering has now spread in my family which ended in buying one more Royal Enfield Bullet 350 (1994 model) for my brother.



Shri.Rajendra Ratnoo IAS, the then District Collector left from Cuddalore subsequent to him being transferred to Chennai. This happened in Dec 2012.

A great experience working with him in sprucing up social media initiatives for the improvement of my town Cuddalore way back in 2012. 

 This was during the kick starting of social media initiative in "Rebuilding Economy and Ecology of Cuddalore"  post the devastation due to Cyclone Thane

That was me alongside Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam which was during the kick start of Social media initiative for "Plastic Free Cuddalore".

A sad time that after Shri Rajendra Ratnoo IAS left our district, his wonderful initiatives could no longer realize its intended fruits. Had he stayed here for a few more months, the Cuddalore district would have been a fore runner in total implementation of Zero Waste. After he left, the projects got handicapped. Cuddalore is back to the bad old days of banned plastic being used every where and garbage being dumped in river bodies. 

Projects such as banning plastic and implementing zero waste system in such a big district would need a couple of years time. But before the fruits reach the people, this bureaucrat was shifted to the state capital. The sprouting of the seeds sown by him had withered for want of care. 

Though this bureaucrat is an expert in implementing environmentally conscious initiatives, his expertise has gone un-utilized by the government. He has been shifted to departments which are not related with to improving the environment.

One of my photographs was stolen and used for commercial purpose by Bike Basix,  an Ahmedabad based company selling commercial merchandise.

 without any credits or monetary benefits to me.

Now welcoming 2014 and expecting it to be a more interesting one...