Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cosmetic change to my RedBull.

The new logo design on my Redbull's fuel tank was a boring one for me. So, decided to switch it to the old logo design.

This is new logo design which was pasted 1.5 years ago. This was not matching to the temperament of my steed.

So, its getting removed.

And the charm of my steed is upped with the old type logo adoring the tank of my redbull

Friday, February 24, 2017

Healer's Baskar Sir's One Day symposium on Home Education system

We attended this one day symposium on 4th Feb 2017.
Banu Self Education is a module being developed by Healer Baskar Sir. There are so far 14 videos available on the youtube regarding this topic. These videos are speeches done by Healer Baskar as well as video coverage of the discussions related to education. The speakers in these videos are eminent persons who are really working to improve the education system that has got ruined over the past six decades. Videos can be viewed at http://selfeducationathome.com/video.html . Watch them one by one and get enlightened on how we have been ruined of our knowledge; get an idea on what can be done to safeguard our next generation.

India was the knowledge / cultural superpower in the world some 4 centuries ago. During those time, English was nowhere near us. All our ancestors learned by mother tongue. As the colonial power landed in our shores, our culture was ruined and we were conned to believe that English is a superior language than our mother tongue. Slowly our ancient wisdom was eclipsed by a useless Macaulay system through which we were made to believe as if we got into a elevated level.
I am sure that you have questions propping out. I have one question to you now. Many years ago, there were Indians who made waves to be known around the world; namely Mathematician (Srinivasa Ramanujam),  Physicist Sir CV Raman.,, etc., Our country was a rich one.
But after some time, there has been a blank. Why no  Indians propped out as a shining star to the world? Why is our country now stamped as a "Developing nation" ?

Nowadays, people are good slaves. They take instructions and execute what was told. Otherwise, they pass on instruction to make others work. The cause of this is that, those eminent people in ancient times got their education in their mother tongue and people of nowadays got educated in English. The education system has made them to memorize and vomit their answers without understanding anything. Students do not know how rice is grown. The top scorer of the recent time has proved to be best slave in this modern world. He / she does what was instructed and never tried to be an intellectual. 

To prevent further devastation, its important for us to get educated in the same language as our mother tongue. i.e. the language which was spoken by the mother when we were in the womb. But since our culture was designed to be doomed, we were made to stick to the fallacy that English is the language that we should stick to. Our children are just memorising their text books and then doing copy and pasting routine. Its time to realize this and make our next generation to realize this.
Learn by experiencing rather than memorizing.

I had a great experience attending this symposium along with my wife and kids. My kids got a change in their thinking of their education as well their schooling system.
All the discussions and important points are being recorded and being made available on youtube. So do not fret of being unable to attend this symposium. Just watch this video below to get a brush of what we experienced while attending the symposium.

All the videos are available here at http://selfeducationathome.com/video.html, please watch sequentially and get enlightened.
Lets make our society a rich one in terms of knowledge rather than continuing to be a slavery kinda.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

At the sea...

Few moments with my bull and my kids at the Cuddalore sea.
Enchanting place in Cuddalore where the fishing boats make their odyssey into the sea for catching the sea food.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

#CycloneVardah in Chennai - Why so many trees uprooted?

There are so much trees which have fallen during the #CycloneVardah in Chennai. Came across few reports of the cause of tree fall during such a calamity. The native breed trees have withstood the calamity.
Why do the government plant so much of varieties that are not native to our place?
There is so much of info behind this....
Please watch this video of Healer's Baskar at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XwzXa8UwV0 in which vital info is there.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Karthigai Deepam Festive Moments

With today being the third day of the Karthigai festival, bought the karthi and brought it home.
This is the first time I am firing it myself and making it revolve around above myself with my little kid with me.
Long shutter photographs were taken by my elder kid

FinePix F750EXR
Shutter : 8 Seconds
With tripod
14 Dec 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016

Kaarthigai Deepam

As my younger kid was enjoying Kaarthigai Deepam by firing sparklers and playing with them. I made a long shutter photography.

FinePix F750EXR Digital Camera
Shutter: 8 seconds
ISO - 100

12 Dec 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

Green Day - Sapling Plantation Event by Cuddalore Team of Chennai Trekking Club - 4 Sep'16

We a group of nature loving people under the tag "CTC Cuddalore" organised  Green Day on 4 September 2016.


This initiative is part of Chennai Trekking Club's Ainthinai's efforts to create more spread of green on our Mother Earth.


We planted tree saplings inside the premises of St. Joseph's School, Manjakuppam,  

Mr.Sairam is a retired  forest dept official;  


He provided us saplings for this plantation drive. He has been developing tree saplings and providing them to people who are into planting sapling as a social activity. He provided 60+ tree saplings for free. It was a great support for us.


Before organising this, we invited people who are new to the fold of CTC, but are already experienced in nature activities. We got some vital inputs from them. Firstly they guided us to Mr.Sairam; secondly they advise us to do the digging of pits the previous day itself, thirdly it should be in a gated premises to avoid damage due to cattle.
The students of the St. Joseph's school had already dug the required pits in the designated place. It was a great help for us. Usually digging of pits for tree plantation takes up a hell lot of time. But since it was done the previous day itself, the tree plantation day was a cake walk. Nearly 50 saplings were planted within one hour. 
While everyone  removed the plastic bags and planted the saplings into the pits, one person (yours truly ofcourse) segregated away the plastic bags to avoid plastic debris polluting the places nearby. But there were sufficient plastic garbage found strewn around and we removed a total of 2 KGS of plastic garbage from the vicinity.

After the plantation work was over, Mr.Sairam gave an expert talk to us on his knowledge.
Some points shared by him are as follows...
In ancient times, deforestation is less and trees were more in numbers. Now more of people have lessened the space available for trees to grow. So it's important for us to plant and develop trees. It's like tending an infant to grow up.
Many animals inside forests are not getting enough food / fodder and are coming out into human habitation. People are now realising it and opine that blunders are being done by humans.
Tips for good saplings...
Sow the seeds, examine the sprouts which come out healthily. Select them for sapling plantation

Pit size should be larger, like 1.5 Cubic feet for our place/town - Cuddalore.

If done in rocky area, go for 3 cubic feet pit or 1 cubic metre pit.

Have farm yard manure/ fertilizer inside the pit for the sapling to get healthy and grow stronger.
Have red soil if you can get it.

The importance of taking deep pits is for trees to help their roots to go deeper and help them grow faster

The first important thing is that main root should go deeper and earlier. So make the pits as deeper as possible.

Sapling (seedlings) should be of 3 or 4 feet or more height while we sow. This helps in the  plant being tolerant to its new place of living and lessens probability to cattle attack.

Sapling with the soil should be handled with care, like an infant. Do not allow shock. That will kill the plant.

Do not water abundantly. That will kill the plant. Better to have wet as well as dry condition.Water it only if you find the tree is showing unhealthy symptoms due to want of water.Watering to be done only when needed. Excess watering is a kill.
Protection of plants is a necessity. Many types of tree guards are available. Just three poles and a chicken mesh is a simple and cost effective protection for a baby tree.
There is a misconception that  roots of trees will damage adjacent building. This is not true for most instances. We are having modern system for construction. Piling type of construction methods are there. These methods are insulated against any damages due to tree roots.

Three poisonous species tree are
Veli Karuvel maram
Neyveli Kattamanei

We had a great experience in gaining knowledge from him....

We had few snacks and the green warriors dispersed from the place with satisfaction. 

At last we found that we had extra saplings, we then went back to Mr.Sairam's home

And we gave the saplings back to him, so that it will be sent to a next social activity by himself.

We were awestruck to see that Mr.Sairam Sir is pruning up so many saplings at his home.
A day well spent...

FB page of CTC Cuddalore wing is : https://m.facebook.com/CTC.Cuddalore/

Chennai Trekking Club website is http://www.chennaitrekkers.org/

Friday, November 20, 2015

A Click With Mr.Thalaivasal Vijay.

I have seen the wonderful movie Thalaivasal many number of times. That was two decades ago. I was studying in school at that time. The year was 1992.
Vijay Sir made an impressive debut in that movie Thalaivasal.
Though it had happened two decades ago, he still comes to my memory whenever I come across the word "Thalaivasal".

Lucky is me, when I got a chance to get myself clicked with Thalaivasal Vijay Sir, at my cousin's wedding reception on 17 Nov 2019.
He is a good friend of my uncle

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Missing Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

These were some memories that remain a great treasure when Dr.Abdul Kalam visited Cuddalore.
Its a big loss to our nation India. We miss him badly.

Here is a write up : http://coolsrini.blogspot.in/2012/06/with-former-president-of-india-drapj.html

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cuddalore Biker's Club - First Meeting on 22 Feb 2015

The Cuddalore Bikers Club is a community that has just got started off in my town. All the back and forth communication happened only through the WhatsApp group wherein my friend Sumthi Mehta has suggested me be added to the group. Apart from Sumthi, I do not know any other members of the group. There were about 50 bikers in this WhatsApp group. 

The meeting was coined by Kaviarasan Thirugnanam who had fired up the idea of congregating bikers living here in my town Cuddalore. The meet was scheduled at 7.30 a.m. on Sunday, the 22nd Feb 2015, @ "Devanampattinam Silver Beach". 

As of me, I am a newbie in this group, do not know anybody other than Sumthi, I was not that keen to go for this meet. But the word "Biker" was always chiming in me. Since the evening of 21st Feb, continuous updates by Kavi arrived in the WhatsApp group, all those pings were in a professional attire, something pulled me to go for the meet. 

I confirmed myself to go to the meeting only 30 minutes prior to the meeting time. It should be a great time to bump with like minded passionate bikers. 

My elder kid had a practice session for his TaekWonDo session, so I dropped him at Koothapakkam and set my next sojourn to Devanampattinam Silver Beach which was about 4 kms away.,

I never expected more than 5 bikers. Once I arrived there, I was in for a surprise to see this. What stumped me was, many premium high speed bikes were lined up. There were 30 bikes lined up in area earmarked for the club. Some four Royal Enfield bulls were there to give a company to my bull TN45 4732, a 1990 STD350 workhorse.

Little into the meeting, we all got introduced. There was a surprise with a guy from Chennai arriving at this meetup. Something is special to this meeting.  I shared my little knowledge of group riding, safety gears, safe riding tips, group ride formations & rules, ... Glad that I got positive feedback from many of the members after I finished my short 10 minutes talk ... 

This club is open for anybody who has vehicle with two wheels and is driven by an engine and no restriction on the bike's engine power.

Just bump in and enjoy., 

In the end, as I eyed-in to Kavi, all bikes were linedup in the open ground and had a good photo op.

Doing this is usually a time consuming process, but all bikers understood the need for a pic and assembled their bikes in the lineup within 10 minutes.

Have a nice time watching this half minute video. After finishing this video, I thought its over and time to leave.  Another surprise awaited. Kavi made the next interesting announcement. There would be a group ride around the town. I was in for a joy.  I opted to be a sweeper for the group and wanted Kavi to lead the convoy. But, after dilly dallying, I was made to lead the convoy of 40 bikers. 

I was never a lead in any of the moment so far in public life. Leave alone my family.  But an astonishment awaited when I was assigned to lead the group . Its not a small group, there were nearly 40 bikes and all were to go through the public roads that is amply filled with morning traffic.  Though I know the Ins and Outs of a group ride, it was a butterfly in the stomach moment. I made sure that the ride is at a slower pace. 

Once we clocked past one kilometre, when I was watching the fellow bikers on my side mirror, all were exactly in a single line, that too no one was honking, no one was overtaking, as was advised, I was engulfed in goose bumps.  Wow, what a great moment. We started off at Silver Beach, reached Woodlands hotel, turned right, reached Post Office, turned left and then moving on the road leading to Govt Hospital. 

All these moments, I was keenly watching my rear view mirror. All the bikers were sticking to the left most end of the road. This is to avoid any disturbance to the public traffic.  That was a nervous moment when I noticed an ambulance in my rear view mirror. It was coming at a farther end, though without the siren, making its way forward. As exactly while we were nearing the hospital, the ambulance was nearer me with its left indicator to turn. it was a dilly dallying moment since our convoy was going to be stopped.  

But as I pressed my brakes, so was all the fellow bikers... All of them stopped in precision. That was another goose bump moment. No one went to the side ways, all stopped in line.  Then we all moved past after the ambulance turned into the hospital which was on the left side of the road.

Then we reached Semmandalam, turned left and went into the Kammiampet road. As we touched past the Gadilum bridge, we dispersed as planned.  

No hiccups... Wonderful experience. First time in my life.  There were more trips being planned. Interesting updates are in the making...  Click here to visit the FanPage of the Cuddalore Bikers Club.  Have a look. Like the page and Come join for an upcoming meeting and then for a ride...