Saturday, March 1, 2008

Farewell to colleagues Oulag & Mohan

Its a farewell party for two of my colleagues Oulaganadane (aka Ulaganathan) & Mohan.
The party was fixed at Hotel Salt & Pepper in Pondicherry on the evening of 27 Feb 2007.
Both of the people were working for more than 12 years with our company and now the two people had got better opportunity and are leaving from the fold of our team.

About them...
Both of them have 12 years of experience.
Oulaganadane at first was working in Production department and then got the opportunity to head the newly created Uniformity department.
Mohan was working in Accounts department and comes to everybody's mind when they want cash reimbursements or to have their doubts regarding their salary cleared.Of course he is the most favourite person in Accounts Dept to all of us since he is most approachable man whenever we need help.
Oulag has got an elevated position in a MNC company based in Aurangabad and Mohan has got an executive position in a financial services company situated in Chennai, his home town.

About the Party:
The arrangements were coordinated by Ganesh of Uniformity team while Sivashanmugham of Technical dept played the Master of Ceremony.

Ofcourse my camera phone (K750i) was not working for the past one week, however help arrived through Mohan Babu's W700i Sony Ericsson phone. Although both the models are similar with 2 Mega Pixel cameras, there is some difference in the output, may be due to the absence of auto focus feature in W700i model. You may see the difference in output between these two phones from the pictures I have published here and at earlier articles in this site.

Ok, we shall ve a look at the party pictures.

Welcome to the party babies .

Mohan had arrived on time to the party and we had a nice time with him.
All people were waiting for Oulag to arrive...

Still waiting for Oulag. Nagaraj having interesting talk with Mohan.

Finally at about 8.00 p.m. Oulag arrivied to the party...

Here is my first boss Bharathi Sir,
Oulag was initially working under him while in Production dept.

Bharathi sir is staying as tenant at the house of my college mate Ramesh. Five months back Ramesh got married and his wedding photos are here. I was trying to to capture his picture at the wedding function for my blog article then, but unfortunately I missed.

The meditating Palani, he has just become a dad - few days before gifted with a girl.

Its me with Suresh ji and Samson Rajasekar ji.

Its Varadharaj(Right) and Ravishankar(Next).

The youngest guest to the party with his dad Joshua.

Bagawath is on thinking mode. There is a special connection between Oulag and Bagawath. Hmm, some coinciding incidents I feel to tell are...

Both of them were alumni of Tagore Arts & Science College, Pondy.,
Their marriage dates were almost within a month,
Both of them were working in Production dept and got shifted to different departments,
they were heading the department functions
ofcourse both of them were bed ridden due to bike accidents at short intervals.
Hope Bagawath was thinking he too will fly off for better prospects like Oulag.
But these were the few people who are known to most of the people at office for their nice works.

These three people are from Uniformity team of our factory which had been lead by Oulag.

Suresh ji got phone call from T.N.Sundar sir, who conveyed his wishes to Oulag through the phone. Sundar Sir was once Dept. Head to Oulag and he is now in Chennai R&D centre. But now he is bedridden for a month due to bike accident which resulted in severe injury in his leg.
Pray that he gets well soon.

This is pudhu mapillai Mohan Babu, he is in full energy at the party but was so particular at leaving much earlier to his home. A cuddalore vaasi and my daily bus mate, but missing this nice buddy since he has shifted his home after his marriage to Pondy.
Why he is rushing back from the party?

Just now married na!
If you like to see some of his wedding photos, please click here.

This is Ravishankar, a really nice talk by him, but most of the people did not understand. I too understood a little from the talk.
He tells about Oulag
Its not important on how one works,
its important on how one gives out message of his work to the top,
He congratulates Oulag on that motto.

This is Ravikumar Sir, felicitating our Mohan ji.

Elamparitihi sir felicitating our Oulag.
Since at the start of our production facilities here in Pondy, Elamparithi sir is one of the few experienced people and was more approachable for the new people including me seeking guidance especially in the Quality perspective. He is now heading our plant's QA dept.

Our production manager Niranjan Kumar sir, felicitating Oulag,

Mohan ji bidding adieu to our team.

For downloading the pictures seen here, please click here
You can also wish Oulag and Mohan at this site. Please press "comments" found below and type in your wishing messages & click publish,
You can even type anonymous critiques, carry on and pass the fun to Oulag and Mohan.

Hi Mohan & Oulag
We are missing a lot due to the vacuum created by you two.
Wishing you two all the best.


Anonymous said...

Dear Srini - It was nice see all my people. Photos were live and many of thems were un-happy too. When people separate, it is very dis-heartening. What to do? - TN Sundar

Srini said...

Dear Sir,
Great to see your comment sir,
How is madam and
how is ur daughter's studies going on
convey regards sir,

then, u can view more faces of our colleagues here in this site by clicking here