Tuesday, February 28, 2012

With District Collector Mr.Rajendra Ratnoo - Social Media Initiative kick starts

Yesterday, with District Collector Mr.Rajendra Ratnoo, IAS, at his place.  We have launched the FaceBook FanPage "Rebuilding Economy and Ecology of Cuddalore" 
Cyclone Thane has caused a major devastation to the Cuddalore district. Major initiatives have been taken up by the government to rebuild the ecology and economy of this Cyclone battered coastal district. This fan page would be sharing the learnings / experiences acquired through the Rebuilding / Rehabilitation initiatives taken up by the District administration.Specific updates with respect to this "Post Thane" efforts would be taking its place in this Page. 
With a public page coming out, it would be a treasure trove of information in the days to come. These archives would be a gold mine of information to the needy. A cross platform like this where public could give their voice / opinion would get across the interested people to get involved and add value in bringing up good for the district in the days to come.
Glad to be part of this initiative at the instance of the District Collector. Stay tuned to hear more about the good things happening in Cuddalore. Have a visit to the FanPage here.