Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Experiencing road respect

My biking experience started with buying a new Hero Honda Splendor bike in the year 2000. I owned it for 10 years and rode it more often on daily basis to office which is a 25 kms ride. In the year 2010 I sold it off and bought a TVS Super Excel moped. This was done as there as there have been a dire need of a vehicle for my wife to tend to adhoc needs at home just like going to my son's school, to shops, to doctor, etc.,
So, for the past an year, I was riding the Moped whenever I need to go out.

The experience so far on the road was that, there were too many vehicles either chasing me or overtaking me. The more the traffic jam, its a burden of many people honking to press their way and overtake. With riding the moped, the trouble escalated. More people chasing in bikes and honking continuously till I go to the extreme left side of the road.

But today was a different experience riding my Royal Enfield Bullet.

Today evening, I was riding back to home from office. The distance is 25 kms with less than a half on well populated area with ample traffic. Traffic congestion will be there for hardly on 4 kms in my journey. Since I am not yet used up with the bullet, I was riding it in slow speeds of around 45 kmph.

I got to notice that, there were people who were silently following me while I was riding slowly.  On the side mirror, whenever I notice a vehicle nearing me from behind, I pull to left to give way for them to go by. But the surprise was that, some of them never overtook me. There were vehicles such as a Hundai Accent car, a lorry, a school van which were coming from my behind. Since I am in the mindset of not to rev up my engine, I decided to go to the left extreme on the road. But to my surprise, the vehicles which can overtake me at a faster speed, never did so. The Car wallah was following me for nearly a kilometre. Then there was traffic congestion and then only he sped past me. These people never honked to over take me. The car wallah overtook me because there was no way for him to still follow me.

Its a new kinda experience which gave me goose bumps while riding on the road. The Royal Enfield really commands more respect on the road.