Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MRF Festival of Speed - India 2010 - Event photos & videos

A cloudy, cool Sunday and it was 22nd Day of August 2010, when the bike racing event called "MRF Festival of Speed - India 2010" took place at Madras Racing Track at Irungaatukottai. 

I hear you asking, "Hey, Why you are writing that now?" 

Yup, though I wrote a couple of articles about this event here and here, its 5 months now and I really missed writing out a bit of travelogue of the event. 

Again I hear you asking "Hey, how come you realize that fact now?"

Yup, the next racing season has started and the racing beasts from the energetic staples of MRF is set to prowl at the same Racing Track of the Madras Motor Sports Club at Irunagaatukottai on Feb 5 & 6 and 12 & 13. Get set for that.

Now, a few photos and an interesting video about the previous year event is here for giving you a bit of appetizer.
During the event, I managed to click a few pictures videos on my digital camera.

The 600 CC bike racers getting ready to plunge into the race track. Racing teams from 8 different countries participated in this event. The 600 CC are the fastest bikes in that event.

The following four pictures are the ones in which the photography technique called "panning" was achieved at its best.

"Panning" is a photography technique in which the camera should be moved relative to the moving race vehicle and simultaneously clicked. If done successfully, the race bike appears still as in the above pictures and the background appears distorted, giving us a visual treat of racing effect in the still photograph. If not done correctly, everything appears still, which kills the racing effect in the picture. It was a challenge to capture these high speed machines within the picture frame with my Point & Shoot digital camera FujiFilm JZ300. But the end result was quite good for us to relish now. 

During the afternoon, there was little rain, after which an interesting demo by the most popular Indian Formula1 driver Mr.Narain Karthikeyan took place. Thats Mr.Narain, plunging the MRF Formula car into the race track.

He spun the MRF Formula 1600 car on the wet race track and made the smoke to engulf the whole vehicle, at one moment the car was hardly visible due to the abundance of smoke. Please switch on audio speakers to hear the thumping engines of the Formula Car and the screeching sounds of our MRF tyres.
After the performance he had commented that Our
MRF Formula tyres were good on wet track too. 

Managed to click a snap with Mr.Narain after he finished the demo.

In the middle is Mr.Ashwin who is the fastest driver  in Formula 1600 category, on to the left is Mr.Murali of our MRF Power House(which is situated near to the Irungaatukottai). I am sure that he will be the winner for this upcoming racing event. Hope to see him flash the winning cup on 13th Feb 2011.

Best wishes Ashwin...

The bikes of Honda Stunner making the start in the race. Since there was rain, photography could not be done further.

MD of our MRF Ltd., was there and gave away the prizes to the winners of the Honda Stunner category. Third prize was won by an Indian while the first and second prizes went to the foreigners.

Plenty of pics clicked during the event are available on my FaceBook page. Please click here and view them. I am sure you will enjoy.
Shall come back shortly with the details of the upcoming racing event this weekend.
And if you have plenty of time, here is a bit long photologue of the MRF International Racing Challenge which happened during Feb 2010.