Saturday, February 27, 2010

Went with my wife to Cuddalore Beach at 9.30 p.m.

You will know me that I love going for a stroll on the sands of the Cuddalore Silver beach often. So far I used to get to this beach usually during the evenings. I remember going to the beach was at the most being at 8.30 p.m.

But, today was bit different. Went to shopping with my wife to buy her a pair of sandals and some groceries . 

Tomorrow is Maasi Magam festival and Cuddalore beach will be witnessing a gala with temple idols of Gods brought here and ritually bathed. So, today evening the beach would be having some small crowd in view of the festival tomorrow. Going to this beach at this odd hour at any other day is not advisable. But, today its different since people will be around awaiting for the dawn to witness the festival
After finishing the shopping itinerary, tipped to my better half for a trip to the beach. Got surprised with the nod from Gayathri. 

We went there at the odd 9.00 p.m. and had a stroll of the small shops which were to be closed in another hour. Walking past the shops and getting into the sand was too nice a moment with cool wind making an awesome flow.  After strolling bare foot on the cool sands happened to sit and take in some fresh air. After some time we were lucky to witness fireworks show happening at Cuddalore Old Town which is some 5 kms south of this beach.

Wished to pass an hour there. But to be vetoed of my two children and family awaiting at home for us to return, we made the hard decision to go back home.

Hey you beach, see you soon with a lonely trip past 10.00 p.m. next time. You made my heart and mind get a refreshing moment.


K.M.Chandra Mouli said...

Beach, for me, wen i think i remember the days we played together in sunday evenings.

Am mouli - sathish brother!!!!!!!!!

Srini said...

@ K.M.Chandra Mouli

great to recall those days

though some of the people of our gang are still going regularly, i m missing the beach cricket due to chores back at home with my family

if u or satish r coming back to india, please let me know b4hand,
we shall plan to go for a short match at our beach