Friday, February 12, 2010

MRF CHALLENGE 2010 - Race at the Irungaatukottai race track

This Car / Bike race is happening on this Sunday, the 14th of Feb'10.

I love photography, but so far my photo collection has tons of portraiture / candid shots which I happen to take often. But capturing a moving race car is a tricky one. I have not got the opportunity so far. Having got sponsor tickets for this event happening on 14th Feb from my company, I have planned to try capturing the race cars while they fly at high speeds. Quite said, actually it is a tricky thing to do. This involves a technique called panning. When used in still photography it produces a result in which a fore ground subject (fast moving car) appears still / frozen and the background appears to be streaked / skewed. I have not tried this so far; planning it in my mind to give it a try is giving me enough butterfly moments on my stomach. But this involves using tripods and precision settings on the camera. Duping it with bare hands, I suppose will not give good results. Any way, trying that is not making me lose any thing. Lets see and gain a never before experience.

My actual plan was to visit the Irungaatukottai race track on Sunday, but lucky that, I happened to speak with one of my higher official Sundar Sir. Racing is one of the key area for my tyre manufacturing company and Sundar sir is one of the brains in this field. While we were talking over phone on the plans for us visiting the race, he surprised me with giving me a cool YES for me to have a peep of the pits a day in advance.

I also got Okay from my boss, for my tomo.

I am heading to Chennai tomorrow morning at 4.00 a.m. I should probably reach the Madras Motor Sports Club at  Irungaatukottai  by 10.00 a.m. Hey, the time now is nearing to 12 midnight.

Ohh, should crash to get a three hour sleep and get back ready for my 4'o clock bus.

Though I am still clueless on capturing a high speed car in the best perspective, I am sure that my peep into the pits at the race course tomorrow should make my hunger for photography get an extra appetiser.

Stay tuned for the never before pictures of a race pit.

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m.Elamparithi said...

Hello Srini ! We are waiting to see your comments and photos of thrilling race! Be Fast!!--Elam.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

I've read sometime back that we can take our cars there and race, with prior permission... need to try that once

Srini said...

@ Elam sir
Working on the photos
shall update soon

@ Hande
wow, great to hear that
pl tell about ur experience once u drive ur car there on the wonderful track