Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The easiest & cheapest way to retain contact details of your mobile phone?

Recently I missed my mobile phone. Though I tried to call back to my number, the person who had probably got it has switched it off. Afterwards, fearing misuse by any unscruplous baddie,  I blocked my SIM with my Airtel. Got a duplicate SIM a day afterwards.

Once the SIM card is blocked, all the contacts in it are gone for ever. I got a duplicate SIM, but the contact list in my old SIM card were lost. Lucky that I had lost a lower end phone. I was using this one since my Camera Mobile phone "Sony Ericsson K790i" had konked and had gone for service. The Sony Ericsson service centre at Pondicherry gets do its work in their own casual mode at the slowest possible manner.

Now I have a back up of my contacts in the Data card of my camera mobile, but since the mobile fone itself is not ready, I could not retain my contact list.

A small idea struck to my mind. Its one of the cheapest and easiest way to have a back up.

Nowadays with increase in competition, getting a new mobile number is so easy and does cost below Rs.25. 

Get one SIM card, whatever your mobile instrument be, you can take a copy of your contacts from SIM card to your mobile instrument, have your new SIM card as a stepney. Put it into your mobile instrument, make a copy of your contacts from mobile instrument to your stepney SIM card. Then replace your mobile instrument with your original SIM card. Have your stepney SIM card in a safe place. Occassionaly ( say once in twice a month) use this stepney card to make atleast one call, so that your mobile service provider will not cancel your connection. I think the service provider will usually cancel the phone numbers which are not used for a period of 90 days. So make atleast a call once in 90 days. Whenever you add up contacts in your original SIM, just transfer it to your stepney SIM, say once in a month and keep it back at the safe pace. 

I am sure it works out to be a easier, cost effective and cumbersome free way to handle these little crisis that happen in our life.

Why this method is cheaper?
Getting a new SIM card is very cheap and easy.
A SIM card is compatible with all kinds of mobile phone. 
Having it as a back up is definitely of help in times of need.

What do you say on this? How do you have your contact list backup?


Sudar said...

Or if you are willing to spend some extra money, you can get an android powered phone (like my HTC hero) and let it sync your contacts with your Google Contacts :)

BTW it is really a cheap and nice trick. My only problem is that, I have more than 250 contacts. :(

Oulaganadane said...


I have a Nokia N-73 mobile. I use a software WaveSecure. I have registered in its website and my mobile takes auto-backup of my contact lists, sms, etc. to the website.

Even if i lose my mobile, i can download all those details from the website to my new phone. This is much more cost effective than yours and without much effort of back-up. My phone does the auto-back up frequently using the GPRS.

Also this software is helpful if anyone puts a different sim in my phone, it raises the alarm and immediately sends a message to my buddy's mobile no. that such a sim no. is being used. This helps to trace my mobile also.

Better try this...and visit the website www.wavesecure.com.


- Oulag