Friday, January 29, 2010

Tamil Karutharangam on Internet and Computer usage at Pondy

There was a Tamil Karutharangam on Internet and Computer usage at Pondy on Saturday, the 23rd of Jan. This was organised by the Pondicherry Tamil Bloggers group.

Though it was so long a time ago, that a programme of this sort had happened around here, those were the lighter moments I happened to get with socialising with the great people, be it Tamil bloggers or the Senior most eminent people from the Tamil fraternity.

The decesion to make out this event was informed to every one of us by our friend RajaSukumaran of Pondy Tamil Bloggers just the preceeding week. This event happened at the Chamber of Commerce situated near the Bharathi Park at the heart of Pondicherry just a few streets away from the wonderful Pondy beach.

I am one of the speakers at this event and I preferred to speak on "Dark side of the Internet". This is my first ever talk and attempt to prepare for such a talk was going from Wednesday onwards. The three day preparations on this topic with myself searching frantically on the Internet was a knowledgeable experience in knowing about the tragedies happening on the internet.

This event was fixed in the evening, I left my office an hour earlier by 3.30 p.m. Arrived at the venue, "Chamber De Commerce" as it is originally called in the French. It had a good ambience of the French style. Being there well before the event, got me the chance to have a few lighter moments with RajaSukumaran and other people. A team work by every one of the people there was awesome in making out the hall be ready for the crowd to come and occupy.

After an hour, the venue was witnessing the participants for the event.

The meet started with Professor Na.Elango Sir giving off the welcome speech.

Rajasukumaran Sir, the coordinator of the Puducherry Bloggers group giving out his talk about the group.

That is Ko.Sukumaran Sir giving out an interesting talk on the steps involved right from starting a simple blog and he spoke specifically about Tamilmanam, Tamilveli and Thirati which are making their wonderful contribution to develop the language of Tamil on the internet.

The next session is mine. As you see in the pic above, you can read my body language. I was so much having a blank mind and really a fear is making its journey back and forth on my nerves from head to toe. I really felt the feeling of the Butterfly on my Stomach. As this was a first ever session for me to just speak in front of the audience, I was totally clueless on how would be the outcome of my talk would be.

Finally I made it. Had a good experience of giving such a talk.
The previous experience for me to do such a session was during the Villupuram Tamil Blog Camp where I explained on how to use the Google reader. It was an easy experience which needed just to give directions on how to use it with an online presentation. But, this event is totally different for me since I had to prepare and give out the talk to explain the audience on the topic. There is neither slide presentation with me for my audience to see nor any other projections to help me have an ease while my session is on. But, its a good and nice experience.

The freebies which made the travail to the participants while back to their home.

This was totally a different experience for me. My colleagues Raja Durai, Venkata Krishnan and Venkatesh made their visit to this event. Feedback of my talk from them was definitely a stepping stone for me.

The coverage of the event on the local cable TV got to reach to the people of Pondicherry. 

Totally a wonderful experience and an awesome evening to spend time with some of the good intelluctuals.

Pic Courtesy: Friends from the Tamil Bloggers' Group
You can have a nice read about this event at puduvaibloggers.blogspot &