Friday, April 3, 2009

My younger son's first tonsure

Tiny tots get their shave of their hair during their age of 9th or 11th month followed by piercing of their ear lobes. It is said that once the hair is removed the babies get better health. This is followed by piercing of the ear lobes and then wearing ear ring. Interesting to know that the nerves passing through the ear is said to be connected with that of eyes. The presence of the metal that is the gold is said to be good for the baby's vision.
Usually this ritual is done in any of the temple.
Out family tradition is to do it at Tiruvandipuram Devanatha Swami temple. We fixed the ritual for the morning on 29th March 2009 a Sunday. So we set out with family members and relatives for Tiruvandipuram Devanatha Swami Temple which is situated some 5 Kms from my home in Cuddalore. It is one of the ancient Vaishnavite temples and also one of the 108 Vaishnavite shrines sanctified by the visit of the great Alwars and Acharyas.

My little son Lokashyam sitting on my lap and being given a head shave. Great care to be taken to ensure that he does not shake his head, otherwise the sharp knife is bound to give deep cut on my little one's soft head.

At first he did not give any protest, later as half of his head was shaven, he started to cry and gave enough tensions for me as I felt somewhat difficult to handle my little baby.
Alas he got few cuts and little blood oozed, what to do, could not control his little angry protests. After the tonsure is finished he was given bath and enough sandal paste is applied on the head. The sandal paste gives the needed cooling effect and also prevents infection of the injuries.

Tradition is that, the baby will be made to sit on the lap of his maternal uncle and then piercing of the ear is done. My little son sitting on my brother-in-law's lap and enough of people taking care that he does not move his head which otherwise is bound to make a little bad thing.

Yep, the stud is screwed up and the work is over.

Oh my baby do not cry da Chellam, its all over.

Usually the babies get the good shape and health after this ritual.
Pray that he gets good health.


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