Saturday, March 28, 2009

Google Bus at my town Cuddalore

The Google Bus, an initiative of Google to educate the off line Indian public on the benefits of internet had made its visit to my town Cuddalore. I have been following the itinerary of this internet bus for quite some days and awaiting to have the real experience.


Today evening I was returning from my office to my destination, the Cuddalore bus stand. While I alighted from my town bus, got to see this internet bus parked just opposite to me. Hey, this high tech bus coming to the place of the common man, that too in tier 3 town.

Check the curiosity in the eyes of the little ones at bottom left corner of the above pic. Yep, Google's initiative to educate the common people who may have lead a life without the knowledge of internet if not for this initiative by Google.

Had the chance to have nice moments with these people from Google. They recorded a short video of my pep talk inside this bus. May be it will get published on their youtube channel. If it happens, a separate post is here for you to have a feast. Hope that I have not messed in my talk.

People are quite curious of the new kinda stuff happening in the town.

The innovative bus has its own power generator and it can work anywhere, anytime with 100% internet connected through satellite network.


Some people who gazed from the outside were averse to get inside the bus. But the googlers convinced them with stressing that its free to go inside the bus.
Corporates of this kinda, turning to the less travelled path, is bound to mine precious benefits be it for them as well as India.