Saturday, October 20, 2007

Doctor Vs Barber

Happened to click my tot Master.Surya getting a haircut.

This is the place where I frequent for hair cut for the past many years.
Charges - Rs.20.
Haircut charges for adults - Rs.30 (US $0.75)

Although the usual fees for consulting a doctor is Rs.25 (around here) the charges towards a hair cut for an adult is Rs.30.

See the logic here,
A doctor incurs a heavy expenditure towards his education, invests in a clinic and then practises his profession.
A barber practises from his childhood, then invests for his shop at a younger age and does service to more heads than that performed by the doctor.

Doctors are more here than the number of barbers. The barber caters to more number of people and earns more.
What a noble barber? - A high paying profession with good customer base. Remember he caters to 4 people from my family.


Θεμις Μαντζαβινος said...


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νικος κανακας said...


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