Wednesday 17 September 2014

Tractor Experience

Driving a tractor is easy. My first ever experience of driving a 4 wheeled motor vehicle was a tractor. It happened on a mid of a night at my grand pa's village some fifteen years ago. There was a need to go to the rice mill to grind the paddy. It was usual that the rice mill works 24 hours and it works in full steam during the night due to power cuts in the day. A tractor with a trailer, almost full of paddy bags, needed to be transported to the mill.

Since it was a midnight, roads were empty. I was at freedom to try. The curious me made a pleading to the driver to give me a chance. It was almost 11.30 p.m. when we all started off. The passage was a mud road with bends coming up often. The tractor belonged to my uncle. The driver Rajnikant immediately offered me after moving past three bends. But I asked him to wait till all the bends pass by. Then the main road came in. I was readily offered the driver's seat. After knowing the gear shifting and the clutch, I drove it. It was so easy. That half hour driving experience did give me more confidence. Still a memorable experience in my life time. But, those days, cameras are a rarity and I never had a chance to capture the moment. The driver Rajinikant had passed away few years ago. I badly miss my four wheeler guru.

Two weeks back, I was back at grandpa's village, it was time to up my learning curve. Over a decade have passed and I have driven many of the four wheelers. Having experienced off roading with Audi cars and with recent visit to the toughest offroading event of India  "The Palar Challenge", my inner voice questioned me, why not try something different with this tractor ? Its rather boredom to drive this vehicle in the usual ways !
So, tried my bit to place the vehicle on a slant gradient. Since its a farm land, there were no other vehicles, it was easier to try the gimmick.

A goose bumpy moment though of having made the tractor climb the small mound. 


Also succeeded to get a video recorded during the experience.


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