Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cornering the cast iron Royal Enfield

Finished a long pending adventure shoot. Cornering the heavy bull - Royal Enfield 500cc cast iron.

The story...
Couple of days ago; it was close of my work hours;  having come out of my office premises; I needed to catch a town bus to go home to Cuddalore. But, I then try call my colleague Mohan Babu to know if he is riding back home on his bike. He  was ready to go and I had the opportunity to reach home sooner that day as his pillion.
I then keep waiting for him to come out...
While I was waiting for him, another colleague, Sampath, a bulletteer, whizzed past on his 500 cc Royal Enfield. The cast iron (has brake on left) bullet, a 1992  work horse has an enchanting thump. Though the bullet was much the same as my own STD350 Royal Enfield, it has 150 cc more power. He bought this bike six months ago. Though I was particular to ride this bike for so long, I never got the right time with him. But now before I could recognize him going by, he has whizzed past at a faster pace.
Some ten minutes had crossed past and many other colleagues who have been around too have left through the shift bus. Mohan has still not come to pick me up.
Now, I could see Sampath at a far away distance coming back. This time, I did not want to miss this guy as well his bike. Before he comes nearer, I went a bit into the road and gestured him. He recognizes me and halted his bull. Its time to  grab the bull for a ride. The ride was too good in its thump and I loved it riding half a kilometer away from the office premises.
When I came back, Mohan has still not come there. Sampath had a camera mobile phone and its opportunity not to be missed. The entrance of our office premises is free of any crowd and it was a wonderful photo shoot with the bike. Sampath did the clicks at the right moments. We were in perfect sync just after very a few tries.
Cornering a heavier machine such as this bullet has been my long pending dream. Alas this day (18Oct'13) saw me get clicked with the heavy machine at the extreme angle possible. That was a perfect shot, further tilt may result in the foot rest hitting the road.

Before getting that perfect shot, I needed to do few maneuvers to build confidence in me to tame this machine. This was one of the many clicks; as me getting in sync with the bullet; as well Sampath getting in sync for the right click with his mobile phone camera.

Alert !
Please do not mimic this if you do not have enough expertise in biking. This stunt may prove terrible if you miss taming the machine the right way at the required moment.


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