Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunrise Walk at Cuddalore Silver Beach

Anbudan Saravanan, Raja Subramanian Sir and yours truly went to Cuddalore Silver Beach today morning for a sunrise walk at the sea shore - Silver Beach, Cuddalore.

Strolled to the south end of the beach, sat on the dunes and had lighter moments for a couple of hours and came back. 

Most of the people of our town are connected online thru facebook / email groups. I have many online friends from my town, over the past nearly a decade, but we never had a moment to interact offline. A thought came over a discussion last week when I was conversing over the phone with Anbudan Sharavanan. We felt that we are missing something and its direly needed that we meet offline.

So, we met today, with Raja Subramanian Sir joining us to share his golden experiences. 

Why a morning and that too on a Sunday?

Firstly, today a second sunday morning was a magic when most of the folks would be home bound to their native town - Cuddalore (second saturday);
Secondly, morning being synonymous of the beach being less of crowd was so awesome to enjoy;
Thirdly, the dawning sun gave some mesmerizing moments which is a rarity and unexplainable - you need to go and experience to realize.

Couple of friends missed this walk since they were pre-occupied.

If you too are missing on this meeting, and living around Cuddalore, join us during the next Second Sunday 12th May'13.


ராஜசுப்ரமணியன் S said...

It was memorable event on the Tamil New Year day. Thanks for conceiving the idea and initiating the steps. I hope it will grow like a banyan tree with more and more friends of Cuddalore and nearby places joining their hands for some good cause.