Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cricket fever at MRF Pondy

As you folks already know me working at MRF Ltd., a tyre manufacturing factory in Pondy in India. We have a staff recreation club and you might remember my old blog articles on some of the interesting happening we had as part of this staff club.

Now the cricket fever has started in this club.

Frankly speaking, I never like this game. But the action photography that this game offers for a photographer in me, is never to be prejudiced. Covering the cricket game was a first kinda for me. There was a practice session for the people, so that it makes the players a little better in getting fit for the game.

For me, one such practice session gave the opportunity to learn on where and when to click the camera, so that the pics would relish for memories.

The practice sessions happened at a vast green ground which had been  a harvesting field; but had just got converted to a property where hundreds of plots have come up.

The actual scenario of this pitch was a bit of difficulty to make out the snaps look a decent one. So, while my colleagues started playing the game, I ran around to find the best spot, which would give a better result on my camera. End of it, I used the Picasa Photo Editor to make the photographs look better.

Since its a practice session; all the players being my dear colleagues, they do not mind me, meddling in between them playing a serious game. Being this game a first for me to do a photologue, I was much particular to know the angles where I could combine portraiture of my colleagues as well pack the action of the game.

Another risk factor is that, if the photographer in me, is only concentrating on the click, there is also a risk of the ball hitting me if I am not taking the cue of the shot of the batsman. Oncr the ball was flying nearer to me; I was lucky, it was farther from me.  Little extra eye on the path of the ball, saved me in not getting into line with the trajectory of the ball.

The full set of pics are here for you to relish

The full fledged one day game with 3 sets of 10 over matches happened at the "Armed Police" Grounds in Pondicherry. It was fun and thrill covering three different matches. Need to post those photos in the next few days.