Friday, August 10, 2012

Switching over from AirTel to BSNL

A decade ago, interacting with a BSNL official would be a harder thingy. But, nowadays lot of changes are there. I was going to the office couple of times and right from the security guard at the entrance to the officials inside the office, everybody has the knack to welcome the customer and interact. They answer to all queries in the right manner. 2 weeks back my land line connection got attended within 80 minutes.

Couple of weeks back, my uncle was going on a tour to Delhi -> Calcutta, etc., I thought of cautioning him to ensure sufficient amount in his BSNL mobile so that roaming charges do not drain his talk time. But surprised on the reply from him that BSNL mobiles are free of any roaming charges within India.

Back then, I was having hard time with my AirTel mobile. AirTel was working on fine years back. But, now its giving lot of surprises. An year ago, I was using Rs.119 booster which offers Re. 0.30 for AirTel calls, 10,000 SMS free over a period of six month. But they changed it abruptly putting limits to the SMS for a 100 per day. Though, a few months back, we could know on how many SMS have been sent by us. But, then they cleverly changed it. Nowadays though we have the limit on the number of SMS sent by us, we can not know on how many SMS have been sent. Its harder in memorizing the count of the SMS we send on a day so that we would stop sending over and above the limit. If we keep on sending the SMS in a day, and if, we have crossed our free limit, an amount is fleeced on each SMS, by AirTel.

Many a time, after long waits; ofcourse some times after few tweets, a smart talking customer care executive comes on line to attend me. Their standard answer is that Airtel India's marketing dept has changed the rules and rates have changed. The surprise is that, they keep on sending SMS on new talk time offers and new booster plans. But, I am surprised on what stops them to send me a SMS on the changes in my Talk Plan or the Booster Pack that I have been using.

Now, the Mobile Number Portability is available. Every mobile user in India can have the same mobile number and change his service provider.

The experience so far has given me on Why Not try another service?

So came the BSNL in my top option.
Couple of days ago, brought the necessary forms from the BSNL office.

How to do MNP?
From your mobile type "Port " to 1900
You will get a reply. Note down the 8 digit code. Write down the code in the application form and submit it to your new service provider.

Finished the necessary procedures.

Today I went there to submit the forms. The people employed there were elderly. Its very hard to find a Fluent English speaking Smart guy at BSNL office. But, what I needed, is available with them. The response given by them to my query were apt and that was what I needed. Completed all the formalities, Paid Rs.50, got the SIM card.

I was told that I would need to wait for a couple of days. Once my AirTel network goes off, I need to insert the new BSNL SIM. It would get activated and I can start using their service.

Awaiting for the new experience.

Bye bye AirTel.


R Sridhar said...

nice ......bye the way how was/is your BSNL services Sir

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