Sunday, April 1, 2012

Royal Enfield OneRide 2012

One Ride is an annual event where owners of the Royal Enfield bullet are encouraged by the Royal Enfield to take out their bikes to ride out on the first Sunday of month of April. 
Today is the 1st of April 2012 and it has got to see many riders of Royal Enfield around the world to make out their OneRides. Usually people start from the nearest Royal Enfield dealer. Chennai is the staple for Royal Enfield where their factory is situated. Chennai guys start from the Adyar brand stores and ride to Mahabs. Last year saw more than 100 people enjoying ride. This event saw the CEO of Royal Enfield joining the other riders. Its commendable to know that such an higher echelon do come and rub shoulders in the true style of Royal Enfield.

Myself being in Cuddalore, a coastal town 200 kms South of Chennai, I can't find other riders around riding out on this day. In the online forum at RE, there was no word of any guy organizing a OneRide nearby my place. So, I called up my nearest dealer situated in Pondicherry to know of the OneRide they are organizing. But, I was drawn aback when they told that they do not know of such a kinda. 

I wrote to Royal Enfiled for the OneRide stickers so that I shall do the OneRide myself. The stickers arrived on time a few days back. Thanks Royal Enfield.
Yesterday stuck the stickers to my bull and today morning I started my OneRide. 

Cuddalore is a sea shore town and fishing is one of the main trades happening here. Being this a Sunday, and a fish food on today's menu at home; I combined all these.

My intention was to do a silhouette photography of my bullet. This need to be done at 7.00 am in the bright morning Sunlight.
Got to awake before sunrise and start my ride to the sea shore next to the fish jetty. 

Morning Sun got to play a tricky game. It was cloudy and could not witness the Sun coming out to get me to do a feast with my photography. Since there was no ample sunlight I first finished the buying itinerary.
After a long time, the Sun came out after playing hide and seek.

Did a few click which had me and my bullet in foreground with the Bay of Bengal sea in the background. Since there was nobody with me, I had to do these shots myself. It was a bit challenging task.
 I do not have any accessory to place the camera other than the ground. Took out my hanky, placed it on the ground and made the camera to sit properly. Then I set the timer in my camera to 10 seconds, placed it on the hanky above the ground. Many of the clicks saw me run to my bike, back and forth to the camera. This invited a weird look on the locals roaming around. The awesome pics which came out well after the photo shooting gave me goose bumps.

It was good time doing photography while making my OneRide.
Thank you Royal Enfield for doing such an initiative

Camera Used: FujiFilm JZ 300 (Point & Shoot)
Post Processing done using Picasa 3.9
More clicks are here on my FaceBook. Don't miss it.

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I am quite jealous if your fun weekend, although not so much of your burned temple. I've never gotten into shooting handguns being more of a rifle girl myself...but that does look like a blast
bullet stickers

Maya stickers said...

thats a cool one ride sticker i see there