Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Racing Smashes - Created at Home

My son Suriya has a pair of toy race cars and he often creates an accident situation with his play and catches that in the digital camera in the form of a video. But, today he came up with a different idea. To make it in the form of a picture.
First he asked me for the camera which I readily obliged. Then he was experimenting the two toy cars and making one of the car be on the floor and another in his hand as if it hits in an angle. He took some five clicks with the cars at different angles and got satisfied with one of the shot.
Then he involved me in his experiment. He asked me to transfer the pic into computer and delete the info other than the two cars. I used paint brush utility, erased the spots with the eraser utility and got a result like the one below.

He then asked me to take the below photo from the archives in the computer. This was the MRF arch at the Madras Motor Race Track situated at Irungattukottai in Chennai. The pic was clicked couple of years when I went for the MRF Racing event. This comes up as screen saver in the home computer at times. 

So far, I was not clear on the idea he was having in his mind, but, was responding to his demands and giving him the results with the Paint Brush utility on the home computer.
Finally he asked me to create a scenario in which his cars would appear as if it had smashed at the race track exactly below the arch.
At this point, I became more than impressed with his idea. So, continued with pasting the toy car picture onto the race track picture and doing miniscule cut & paste jobs to match the texture around.

The end result was so fantastic. At first I was in the mood to hit the bed and take a good sleep. But, his wonderful idea made me to sit back at the computer and record such an innovative work by him at this age of just 7 years.


Ram said...

Good work.....still am wondering how come he got dis idea..Surya gonna rock in future....convey my wishes to him:)