Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Few of the clicks from the MRF Formula Championship 2011 event

The event was so awesome and had my greatest moments of clicking the high speed beasts on the race track. As it will take some time to post all the pics here and write a narration of my experience..,, here comes a few clicks for you to relish

One of the panned shots of the Formula1600 car zipping past on the race track during the event.

The stunt bikers from the US giving out the spine chilling moments.

Those spine chilling acts were so dangerous, but the stunt bikers performed those daring acts at ease..
Those two bikers on the air, are just one fourth of a second away in their take off. Just a small error will prove fatal. 
After the stunt, those men were cheered by the girls.

A race car getting past through through the traditional operating procedure.

Ofcourse, the tyres with the muscle proved its mettle for the daring drivers to zip past their machines with atmost confidence. A lot of permutations and combinations in designing of these tyres by my colleagues here at MRF have quizzed the litmus test to be right in every type of races coming out from the staples of MRF.

The fastest bikes of its kind are zipping past through the MRF arch. 

Our MD Mr.Arun Mammen with the Fastest Indian on Earth Mr.Narain Karthikeyan during the prize distribution.

And here is yours truly, just trying to sit inside one of the model MRF formula car. Man, its too tight a cabin. Howzt these formidable drivers sitting in it and that too riding it at incredible speeds... 

Stay tuned folks, yours truely will give you an awesome moments on this blog.
And, if you have missed this event on 7th Feb'11,, Don't worry, just be there at the same venue on 13th Feb'11 to watch the second racing event of the season.