Sunday, November 21, 2010

Clicking of Diwali moments

This Diwali it was a special one for two reasons.
1. Its my brother's Thalai Diwali
2. Its first diwali for my new digital camera (FujiFilm JZ300) too

The Deepavali Nonbu ritual marks the start of the festive spirit at home and here mum is performing the haarthi to the kalasam.

Amman in the form of kalasam adorns our home twice every year. Once during the Varalakshmi Nonbu which comes during the tamil month of Aadi and the next is during the Deepavali. 

The bursting of crackers happened for two days since there was a increase in inflow of the crackers. One bundle which was bought by me and another bundle found its way here once the new ponnu and mappillai (my brother) came back from their home with a big pack of crackers on the afternoon of Deepavali.

On the day of Deepavali we could manage bursting only one fourth of the cracker inventory since everybody were busy with the chores.

On the second day, we decided to finish off the rest. So, we went to the terrace to finish off all the crackers and also do the long shutter photography. My wife got influenced in photography, thanks to the cute little camera from FujiFilm. Gayathri tried some of the clicks, as well, do play with the firecrackers as I was clicking the long shutter pictures.

The ground chakkars did give some appetite followed by playing with some sparklers.

The design 8 being done by the new ponnu Saranya.

The new mappillai(my brother) tried the butterfly as I did this click.

Gayathri doing the circles.

Gayathri doing the star design, alas she has delayed completing it. So, the next try we did with some precision.

The person behind the camera gives the shout while clicking it, the person in front of the camera starts the action of drawing the art on the air. Ahhh, we achieved it. wow. The camera has the maximum of 4 seconds for the long shutter, it required some time for us to get the coordination.

Then Gayathri got to click the camera as I tried to make the sparkler revolve in some random paths. Ahhh, some sparks landed on me too. Should have tried with the kambi mathapu rather than the jaati sparkler. Alas by this time, all the inventory of kambi mathappu have gone dry.

Finally did get one good circle of the fire.

At last, we got tuned with the camera timing and finally got to record the shots with ease.

Before starting this fireworks photography we kept a bucket of water nearby with a mug in it. We ensured that, our little kids are farther away from us and somebody should watch them. There is no flammable articles in the path of the slinging sparklers.
If you wanna try it, please ensure you abide to safety precautions. Playing with fire may prove otherwise. But, the pics will give you a festive moment whenever you recall them. That is photography.

Camera: FujiFilm JZ300 (Point & Shoot)
Long shutter delay used: 4 Seconds


Anonymous said...

you used the digital camera for these... unbelievable. They have come out very well. The pics look great

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