Sunday, November 28, 2010

Clicked to my hearts content at TiECon Chennai 2010

The TiECON Chennai 2010 event which happened at the Chennai Convention Centre on 24 Nov was really a good one. I had the opportunity to hear some of the wonderful talks by the doyens of business houses in Tamil Nadu. 

I was part of the Social Media team to cover the event. During any of the mega events such as this kinda, it is the usual thingy that media houses and the press come in and cover the event. Now with the advent of Internet and the Web 2.0 making the buzz, there is another addition called Social Media. A group of 20 people got to be there in this Social Media team. 

What does the Social Media Team do?
Social Media comprises of publishing out Blog updates, Twitter updates and FaceBook updates. The people in the team who has got into this volunteer sort of work have different kinda tasks assigned to them. These set of people converge out of purely on their own interest. I got an interest in photography and so I was one of the official photographers of this event as part of this social media team. At the event a set of people sit before their computer at the venue, hear the talk and publish out the live updates through the internet. Simply speaking, this is pumping in the Google juice into the internet. This is actually this work seems so simple and cost effective. But, its the reach that makes it a powerful one over the other kind of media. People interested about the event and living far off (may be in the other side of the globe) would be following the event to get updated on the happenings of this conference. They get updated of the happenings with just an internet connected device. Social Media has come into play to be a powerful tool to spread the message instantly far and wide and at a negligible least cost. The social media team actually does its service for free out of self interest of the team members. The updates that gets published gets archived and its a rich repository to be referred in the days and years to come.
I got to be there as a photographer in the social media team. Got to click the moments of TiECON Chennai 2010. 

The whole set of 136 photos are here for you to relish.
Camera Used: FujiFilm JZ300 (P & S)