Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little bike smash by my neighour's son

My neighbour Selvam Anna's brother Sathya Anna had bought a new Suzuki Access 125 scooter yesterday. Today they have gone to temple, performed rituals and brought the new bike back home. 
Selvam Anna brought that brand new scooter to his house just a few hours back. He has a daughter and son , both around 14 years old. These two siblings had got to try something anew with the brand new bike. 
I had then returned home after a few trips for my tiny tots on my dad’s TVS-50 moped; parked it while looking at them experimenting with the new bike. Selvam Anna and his son were standing on the left side of the bike, while his daughter was standing on the right side of the vehicle and she holding a tiny tot (Sathya Anna's son) standing on the bike.
The tiny tot was so curious and has turned on the ignition key. Selvam Anna's son tried to auto start the vehicle and was successful. Now I could see from distance that the head lights glowing on the bike. The curious son has tried to rev up the engine and the new engine was very prompt in response. Selvam Anna was standing at the right side behind the vehicle holding it to stop moving, but his hard efforts proved futile. So the bike just pushed off from the parked position and its gushed forward. His daughter luckily took the little baby off from the vehicle.
Since the bike was moving forward, his son’s hand holding the accelerator was unknowingly revving it up. Selvam Anna was pulling the vehicle from moving and his son without his control was revving up the engines.  So bad that, the scooter was pulling off the father son duo with it. The bike turned left then right and reached the other side our narrow street. It had travelled some 20 feet and pulled into the 1 feet wide drainage throwing the two people onto the wall on the side of the road. 
Lucky there was not much injury. Selvam Anna got bruises on his leg and his son got little injured on his forehead.  The bike had got some little scratches on mirror, side fairing and front shock absorbers.
Thank God.
Though some 2 hours have passed off, I am yet to recover from the shock of myself witnessing that gory incident. Luckily they escaped without any much injury.
If you are having a similar bike with an auto start, be aware that your curious siblings are smart enough to mimic your action. Keep the key of your bike away from the sight of your children.