Friday, June 4, 2010

A 180 Kms bike ride

Brother's wedding is coming up on June 24 and its time to invite relatives and friends. We planned to give out invitations to relatives living bit away to our place Cuddalore.

So, started off the journey on bike with my wife last Sunday (30May'10) at 6.00 a.m. 

When we entered the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC), my speedo got a unique combination with all the digits getting a push. The road was free of any traffic and so I managed to click it as the bike was making little above 40 kmph, ofcourse the pic got little distorted.

Since clicking the speedo while the vehicle is still moving invited unpleasant reactions from my wife, I stopped the bike and clicked the fancy number on my speedo.

The trip was through Cuddalore -> Neyveli -> Vridhachalam -> Ulundurpet -> Periyasevalai -> Panruti -> Cuddalore and we clocked 180 kms.

It was too hot and the high temperature was giving us enough burnouts. My helmet was a respite for me and she managed with a cap and a hanky to cover her face to avoid the heat.

Riding those battered village roads were so much challenging, giving enough pain to the shoulders and my back. Any how we accomplished the work of giving out the invitations to the relatives. 

Should I have gone by any other mode of transport, it definitely would have taken more than one day. The thrill quotient added to clocking the longest drive on my bike was hard to forget.

Love my 9 year old Splendor bike for her promising performance on my longest ever drive.