Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Down with Typhoid

Being an year end, I was rather jubliant with getting my leave of 9 days approved and dreamt of enjoying my holidays from 23rd Dec to 31st Dec.
The first day of my holiday started 23Dec with celebrating it with a Non-veg food and I got to buy Crab and Prawn for the lunch.
I was on Cloud 9 for a very short period. That day in the evening saw little aches on the knees and elbows. I was hoping that it as usual sprain, but to be beaten of my belief. I got a little fever. The next day morning started with severe headache forcing me to go to the doctor.
I was administered for the next three days with injection and am regular on medicines. Usally I am averse to medicines, but what to do, no other way to go, this type of life really sucks in addition to killing my dream of holidaying.
After three days, fever subsidized and I was wondering to leap back to normalcy. Saturday I was bit OK in my health. So on Monday took bath and my feel got better. On Tuesday I invited the day with taking a fresh hot water bath.
But soon after my health deteriorated. Now I went to take blood & urine tests and visited my doctor on Tuesday.
Its confirmed that I have Typhoid, I am getting this fever for the first time in life and am so much averse to hear the so many controls in diet to be abided added with the medicines to be taken.
Life really sucks.

Sleeping for a longer time and taking those umpteem medicines really making me go broke.


M said...

Hi while we are planned to go to this temple on coming tamil new year, i find your blog and this most helpful for us. Thank you very much. keep up your work