Saturday, October 10, 2009

Organizers' meet for upcoming Tamil Blog Camp at Pondy

On the evening Saturday 3rd Oct, I got the sweet information about upcoming Puducherry Tamil Blog Camp. The SMS from Ra.Sugumaran sir was about the organisers meeting fixed the next day (4/10) @ the Human Rights Federation office situated at MG Road in Pondy.

It made a sweet recall of the past memories with the Tamil Blog camp at Villupuram.

The organizers' meeting was scheduled at 10.00 a.m. and I got to start from Cuddalore on my bike and arrived there on time. After a few calls with Ra.Sukumaran sir, I located the exact place and parked my bike. After a few moments everybody arrived and the meeting started. At around 11.30 the tiny room of the Human Rights Federation office is jam packed with the 15 of us brainstorming on the arrangements to be done for the camp.


The date for the event was fixed as 10-Jan-2010, a Sunday.




Responsibilities for different people were assigned and the meeting ended at about 12.30 and by 1.00 p.m. we people disbanded.

More details of the meetup is here.

The next organizers' meeting is scheduled on 25-Oct-09.
Interested in chipping in?
Please join us at 10.00 am on 25 Oct


இரா.சுகுமாரன் said...

Thanks for your post with photos.

திரட்டி.காம் said...

thanks for the information!


மகரந்தன் said...

Dear Friend,
I have seen your post on the meet of Puducherry bloggers.Less words, more expressive and impressive. Biggest things are very smallest. good. kept it up.

with kind regards

- Maharandan

Srini said...

@ இரா.சுகுமாரன்
Thank you

@ திரட்டி.காம்
Thank you

@ மகரந்தன்
Thank you

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