Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is it a reality?

I got a forwarded email which comprised of chronicles that coincided with the stories of Kamal Hassan Movies. I do not know if you like it, but the connections made out are really somewhat provoking.

1. In 1978, Kamal's tamil movie "Sivappu Rojakal" was released. He played the role of a Psychopath killer (femicide).

  • A year later, a guy named "Psycho Raman" was caught for brutally murdering people especially women.
2. In 1988, Kamal played the role of an unemployed youth in the movie "Sathya".

  • In 89-90's our country faced lot of problems due to unemployment.

3. In 1992, his blockbuster movie "Devar Magan" was released. It’s a village based subject. The movie portrayed
scenes of communal clashes.
  • Exactly a year later in 1993, there were many communal clashes in southern districts.

4. We all know in 1996 many people in our country was cheated by finance companies.
  • Kamal Hassan had clearly depicted this in his movie "Mahanadhi" which was released in 1994, well a year in advance.

5. In "Hey Ram"(2000), there are few scenes relating to Hindu Muslim clashes.
  • We all know 2 years later, Godhra (Gujarat riots) incident happened.

6. He used a word called 'tsunami' in his movie "Anbe Sivam"(2003).The word 'TSUNAMI' was not known to many people
  • In 2004, 'tsunami' stuck the east coast of our country and many people lost their lives.
7. In his movie "Vettaiyadu Vilayadu "(2006) there are two characters called Ilamaran & Amudhan who played the roles of psychopath killers.
  • After 3 months of release of the movie, the NOIDA serial killing came to light (Moninder & Sathish)

8. In his latest movie "Dasavatharam" in 2008 he mentioned about a deadly virus, which spread via air, that may destroy the world.
  • Now in 2009 we have the Swine Flu that spreads through air. And to be specific, in the movie Kamal develops a bio weapon and finds out the deadly effect of the virus in a lab in America .
  • Now the first case of Swine Flu was detected in Mexico ( America ). WHAT DO U CALL THIS ----- “A COINCIDENCE”?

Fingers crossed, lets see...


Kishore said...

Coooooooooolllllll :)

Anonymous said...

Tik... Tik...Tik... is another movie that created sensationalism