Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog crossed 10000 hits

A Blog - Ever since I started this blog way back on 11 June 2008, its a fond memories that gets hosted in this site. The technology called blogging had given me an awesome experience to connect with so many friends and readers which I never thought could have been possible by off-line means.

I had been part of the Podworks organisers and its a great experience to have worked with the people to churn out an wonderful event from the staples of The Knowledge Foundation (TKF), Chennai. At the second day of the Podworks event I happened to start this blog. Although I was writing two blogs then namely Cuddaloreonline and Funnyclick, there had been a blank when I wanted to express my personal thoughts. Thus happened the birth of this Coolsrini blog. At the second day of the event, I decided to start a personal blog and was trying different possible names to register a blogspot address, but in vain. At the venue of the Podworks in the Tidel park, seated in the adjacent seat of mine was Karthi who had then suggested to try the words "cool" or "hot" along with my name srini. Thus the coolsrini happened to go live on 11 June 2007.
The visitor counter clocked into Four digits (1,000) by Oct'07 and it now it has clocked into Five digits (10,000).
Though it seems that I am exaggerating the not so famous statistics of this site, its feeling of pleasure to record these little happenings, so that it will amuse me when I walk past through this site.
Yours truly
hereby makes you known that he has got a short and sweet url on the internet http://srini.me/. Now, I find this short website name of mine a much easier way to communicate to others of my online entity.
Thank you Dear Patrons...