Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ramalingeshwar temple @ Nettapakkam in Pondy

My company is situated in the Nettapakkam region of Pondicherry. Though I am working here for the past 10.5 years I had not got the opportunity to visit the famous Shiva temple situated some 3 kms away from my factory.

I was once regular to the Prodhoshanam event to Shiva temple in my town Cuddalore, but nowadays since I often get back home little late I am missing to make it to the event which ends before 6.30 p.m.

On 12-Sep (my wedding day), I was about to catch my bus after leaving from office. Just happened to see my colleague Murugadoss who is also awaiting for bus.
Murug: "Hey, Today is Prodhoshanam and I am going to the Shiva temple, R u coming?"
So I got along with Murugadoss to go to the Ramalingeshwar temple in Nettapakkam. Thanks that I just got the time to make to this famous temple.

The Southern entrance of Ramalingeshwar temple.
The specific about this temple is that the presiding deity Lord Shiva faces West. His Consort faces the Southern direction. Usually in all temples the Deities face the East.


The milk abishekam is being done to the Nandhi on the Prodshanam time.


Murugadoss (My colleague in blue shirt), left no time to take the opportunity to lift the Deity.


sathiyan said...

The entrance resembles Padaleeswarar Kovil.

Srini said...

@ sathiyan

it seems these temples were built during the same period in the olden days

Udhayachandiran Anbalagan said...

நல்ல பதிவு