Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cuddalore Photo Walk

With two of my friends, we jumped into an idea of catching the nice photographic spots around my town Cuddalore. We did this photo walk on 31 August 2008.
First in the series I shall post photos of fishing boats taken during the photo walk.

These fishing boats (Colloquially called Launches) are used by the fishing community of the Cuddalore Old Town.


A new boat at the bay made a feast to my camera.

A boat returning from the sea after the catch. The coconut trees you see is actually a little island which is separated by the backwaters of the sea. Sometimes this island had played host to cinema shootings.

The bridge you see at the farther end in the photo is the means through which the island is connected with the town.



This place is the back waters of the sea and is identified by the name Singarathoppu. Fishing is the main livelihood of the people living here. Of course one of the worst affected during the 2004 Tsunami disaster.

The catch being loaded to the tricycle (rickshaw) to be sent to the fish market.


Sathiyan said...

Excellent! Your mobile cam rocks.

Thiyagarajan R said...

Really wonderful ya..Keep going.. Thiyag

Srini said...

@ Sathiyan
Thank you,

@ Thiyagu
How is life at Siemens
the photowalk team has fixed the next photo walk on 28th Sept'08,
Singarathoppu island is the spot we would be visiting and a dip in the early morning cold sea is on the agenda
If your are in town, pl join

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Lot of boats..

Any other interesting places around?

Srini said...

S there are many interesting places around. which includes Cuddlaore "Silver Beach" ,, other interesting places include, fishing hamlets around