Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is Blogging really a platform for free speech ?

Although we are of the mindset that writing our thoughts and penning down our moments in this blogging world is power to do free speech;

News is...

An Indian blogger with his pen name "Toxic Writer" has attacked a Mumbai based Construction company named "Gremach Infrastructure Equipments & Projects Ltd" on his blog hosted by Google's A defamation suit filed in Bombay High Court by the construction-equipment company demanded that Google India Private Ltd to disclose the name of the anonymous blogger. Google responded by taking down the blog and has claimed that its not responsible for the service.

Alas the power of blogging was that people can express their free speech. But with Google pulling down the blog, the freedom of speech in the blogging world has got more questions. Though this is a remainder for fellow writers to take a backup of their own scribblings in this blogging world.

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K. Srinivasan said...

This is a good post. There is no absolute freedom anywhere. For every freedom, there is a limitation. Just because, blogging provides freedom of expression, one cannot exceed this limitation. Any writing is covered by the civil law of the land. Further in India, we have IT Act 2000, which governs the web writing.

Any violation of the law may even lead to penalty and imprisonment in the court of law.

Very unfortunately, all the bloggers camps donot discuss the civil laws governing the social media. They seem to get excited with the newly found freedom. Atleast in future, we need to create more of awareness about the limitations, so that the youngsters do not get involved in difficulties.

Again I repeat, there is no absolute freedom anywhere in the world. our freedom ends, when others right begins.