Monday, August 25, 2008

Family get together party with colleagues

To have a break from the daily grind of 8 to 5 office, we got to enjoy the family get-together party organised by the Recreation Club at my office.

9th Aug'08
St.James Court Beach Resort situated at Kalapet in Pondicherry.

What to do,
having a camera and a blog page, why not make out a photo log and record it in my diary.

Starting to the function from home on the Saturday evening, happened to click the backwaters while travelling in the bus.

Location : Between Ariyankuppam and Mudaliarpet.
A wonderful reflection with good natural lighting from Sun.

Then reached Indira Gandhi Square for catching the bus arranged for us.

Clicked while we were waiting for the bus to carry us to the venue.

Mr.Krishnan (boiler operator) was coordinating the bus facility which carried us to the venue.

The resort is there opposite side some few metres before the Pondicherry University campus.
The above pic is the second gate of the Pondicherry University. Our bus overshot the spot and travelled upto this university gate giving me moments to recall my one year stint of having done a course here.
This is the gate which I used to cross for attending my PG Dip. in Instrumentation Tech course. Just a recall of memory, it happened 12 years ago, so fast time is running. Enjoyed my studies here with good company of friends and hostel mates and getting overall first mark in my class of 12 students. But what to do, I am now not working in the field of Instrumentation.

Reached the venue at around 6p.m.

A nice sea view, I planned to try some shadow photography under sunlight. But the cloudy sky made a mud slinging sport for me. No sun rays to experiment with photos.

This is Mr.Thiyagu working as Electrical Engineer, he recently resigned and moving out for better pastures. This photo got to his profile picture @ orkut.

This is Mr.Nagaraj our security supervisor bidding adieu to Thiyagu.

This is Mr.Deivanayagam working as Supervisor in Water Treatment and his son Siva.

Now we returned from the beach to the resort where the get together event is going to start

Our Production Manager Mr.Niranjan Kumar giving the initial talk for the club party.
By this time the Sun light has gone down, so somewhat bad light irking me with bad light for photography.

The Bharata Natyam duo (Daughters of M/s Eamparithi & Joshua) stole the show with their wonderful performance.

This is Mr.Rajadurai working in HR Dept, The clips you see are part of the show for couples in which the wife has to place clip on her Hubby. The show was called "Clipping the husband"

This show need the wife to place the highest possible number of clips on her hubby. One clip at a time needs to be picked from the bowl kept on the table and run to her husband and place the clip on him then run back to the bowl to take the next clip.

This is Mr.Venkatesh, working in Purchase Dept.

Here is the video I shot while the show "Clipping the husband" was going on. Click to play the video.

The couple who has placed more number of clips will get the first prize. Mrs & Mr.Arun Kumar (Project Engineering) scored 23 clips and got the first prize. Its clever on part of Arun who managed to stand very near to the table.
Moral: Although you can do hard work, you need to be clever to win any of the game in life.

The dancing duo who done a very good dance show.

The little ones at the event

Our General Manager Mr.Mohan Kurian (My boss) invited the newbies of the club to the stage to introduce themselves.

At the time the event is going on, Mr.Senthil Kumar, Electrical Engineer is seen attending to the phone call from my factory. He is following up on a break down being attended by his colleague. Yes, multi tasking is needed for us at all time to make machines running at factory as well as enjoy the party at the resort.

While Mr.Riju gave his introduction on the mic, his tiny tot caught the mic and it was after a bit of effort the mic was returned by his child.

The little one is Mr.Ajit Panda's daughter.

By this time an announcement came that Dinner is ready and those people who are to go to Night shift can have food and start to factory.

This announcement followed a skit by the HR team.

The dialogue and the show bore a lot of confusion in knowing what was going on, then most of the seats had got emptied with people moving to the food counter.

People at the food counter.

After finishing dinner, I had ice cream twice and got to return to Pondy with Mr.Veeramanikandan on his bike.

A slide show of the photos taken at the party, click to play it.

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