Monday, June 30, 2008

Myself a poor gardner

At 5.00 a.m. drawn aback to feel the high temperature of my elder son. Fever season has started. Intimating my boss of today's leave, started to Doctor's home in bike with my tiny tot and mum at the pillion. Still could feel his high temperature when he hits me while I put brake to my bike in the midst of the journey. Came back home and give him the medicines with mum's help. A long pending garden cleaning work has to be done
Had I been doing the gardening work regularly it might have been easy for me take into. While trying to throw off the useless pieces of plantain tree above six foot wall, the glass pieces gave my wrist a deep cut with blood oozing out.
Lesson - Should have done gardening work on a regular basis

Applying my traditional method of treating deep cut - Get mummy's turmeric piece, rub it and get some paste, apply on the deep cut.
A good antiseptic indeed, it makes the bruises to get cured in a very fast manner. My favourite promising treatment.

Oh its itching me now while I type this keyboard.

Searching for the turmeric...

Get back to you soon.....