Sunday, May 4, 2008

Newspaper switch over at home

Having been sticky readers of Indian Express newspaper for the past about 15 years we have not changed over to any other newpaper. Now this bold newspaper has undergone changes in the layout and it looks too good. But hitting the belt is the font size which is unfriendly to elders like my Daddy who is 59 years old.

Few days before he had done a switch over to Deccan Chronicle. I was not able to get tuned to this newspaper.

I have got attached with Indian Express (IE) due to its crispy & bold news. Many of the news reports in this paper have resulted in big shots losing their political status. So much was my attachment that its difficult to miss out this newspaper even for a single day.

Now what happened, the new design was good for me but my dad find it difficult reading the new smaller fonts. So he switched to Deccan Chronicle. After three days of reading this news paper the vote from Mummy, Wife, Grandpa and me is for Indian Express. Oh, I shall get my favourite newspaper back, Wow:

All these three days I am forced to buy this Indian Express from the bunk shop while i return from office in the evenings.

Today its Sunday and the decision to switch back was informed to the daily paper walah, but pity, he does not have the stock of today's issue, so i have to go down to the market in the morning and to my pity the bunk shop wallah tells that "Indian Express sold out sir" Phew(: Did some extra travel upto Cuddalore bus stand to get my sticky paper.

I had to convince my Dad that I was not able to compromise on DC over IE, the DC is boring and i fold back the paper in just 20 minutes whereas IE makes up for a 60 minutes of contended reading.

There were few feedback from readers in the "Letters to the Editor" column in IE for making the font sizes bit larger. They have also made some modifications to the fonts, but my Dad is still not satisfied and he favours for the font size which came out in the paper 6 months back.

Yesterday evening while returning from office I got to two shops to buy this newspaper, at the first bunk shop the person manning the shop was not able to pick out Indian Express from the bundle of different newspapers and he gave me a reply that its not available. When I went to the second shop, I discovered that the design in the IE is confusing at the first instance. The new design has a big logo " ie " which is similar to the " le " of the Deccan Chronicle paper. After a little delay, he unfolded the newspaper and confirmed its IE.

The design ie is confusing and the shop keepers are finding it difficult to pick out IE from a bunch of English News Papers.

The old heading "Indian Express" was appealing, now the little two letters is confusing the shop keepers to pick the IE from the bunch.

From tomorrow onwards I will not have the hardship of hunting down to bunk shops for this news paper. But, let me see when this paper will modify their fonts to suit the needs of elderly people like my Dad and Grandpa.


timothy said...

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