Monday, December 17, 2007

Twitter - New method of Journalism

You may be aware of my twitter updates displayed in the left side bar of this blog for quite some days. The twitter helps to communicate in a fast and easy way. I am updating this from my facebook account which seems rather easy way to key in the message through a simple window.This can also be typed from a low cost sms enabled mobile phone.

Now why i started this topic is that the Twitter has found its usage in US local newspaper the Nashua Telegraph which has been experimenting with Twitter for its breaking news coverage.

These short messages that come out immediately once we type it out is expected to do a little revolution and who knows, the American Military may also use it one day for their communication.


Anonymous said...


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Srini said...

Here is the translation of the above text from French to English


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Srini said...

Dear Rachid,

Hope u get the help from any of the readers here