Friday, December 28, 2007

My visit to the pipesCamp

The day for me started at 3.30 a.m. getting from the bed and catching the bus from Cuddalore to Chennai at 4.30 am. The event is at 10.00 a.m. in Koyambedu, the journey is usually of 5 Hrs from my town Cuddalore and as per my plan I could reach for the event at 10.00 a.m. on 23rd Dec'07

Photo taken while my bus is making its way thru the misty day on the ECR, the artistic road in South India.

A nice early morning shot of the ECR (East Coast Road)

I suppose it to be a theme park making a good feast for my mobile camera.

Although the usual journey time to reach Koyambedu is 5Hrs, I am bit lucky/unlucky to reach an hour earlier to the Koyambedu Bus Stand. Its 8.15a.m. and am confused on how to pass off the time till 10.00 a.m. Hmmm, ok pass the time at a eatery, had a breakfast at a small eatery named "Hotel Chennai" just opposite Koyambedu Police Station,
Had 3 pooris for breakfast.
Cost - Rs.10/- (Rupees Ten only)
Too cheap, could not believe, rather its tasty too.
Although I made my process of having the food purposefully slow I finished it at 8.40, Oh what to do, wondered on how to pass the time. Ok, have a slow walk to the venue.
The organisers of pipesCamp had used Google Maps to give the participants the location of the Hotel Shan Royale, so I failed to note down the address of the venue. As per the bubble placed on the map, the location is at the South Western side of the Fruit/Flower market of Koyambedu. I am an avid fan of maps and am so confident of the location which I confirmed the day before the event. Passed my time as well strolling through the busy road around the market. Remember a walk around the perimeter of the market complex (The largest market in Asia) will make you to clock around 4kilometers. While I walked for around 40 minutes and reached the South West side of the market hoping to see the hotel, I was welcomed by the filth and garbage which were the byproducts of the vegetable market. There is no sign of of the name - Hotel Shan Royale, pity me, should not have taken the maps with that much confidence.
Lesson - Should have cross checked before following the bubble placed by our friends on the Google maps
The bubble was placed in the map at a spot 4 kms away!!
Nobody in the area where I strolled into knows about this hotel, a bulb glowed in my head that an error has happened in the map. The only man wearing a T-shirt & pants walked past me...
Me: Sir, I wanna go to Hotel Shan Royale, where is it.
Him:Hotel Shan Royale? There is no such hotel here.
Me: ??
Him: Okay, u should be telling that hotel which is in Koyambedu Circle
Me: Where is it? Could I go by walk.
Him: No, Its more than 3Kms away and u have to catch an auto.
Then I reached the Koyambedu Round Tana thru a share auto and found the place. The time is now 9.50a.m.
Later came to know that a mistake has crept into the maps and it was corrected in the midnight prior to the event by Arun.

Here is the Hotel.
OH God, thank you, I had a good exercise for one hour and finally found the event venue at 10.00 a.m.
The event organisers were there and a short intro with the people there like Srivatsan, Bosky, Arun, ....
Me: Hi I am Srinivasan from Cuddalore
Him: Oh you are blogging at Cuddaloreonline?
(seems that he has already known me)
I should have got known since one my blog post got me an invitation from the district collector on the comments section of the blog post. A surprise and it should be first of its kinda in the blogging world.

The event started at about 11.00a.m.

A tee shirt bzz Microsoft .


Ganesh, Ramanujam and Arun Prabhudesai.
Arun is the sole sponsor of this wonderful camp and is churning out from his staples named Orange Cube. The product which is expected in the month of February will be helping online publishers and bloggers to monetize their content thru display of customized content based on a keyword of phrase in an intuitive window. He asked me to register at his website but when i tried it is not going through. Hope that everything will be complete in another 2 months time. I plan to implement his product in my jokes blog.

Moyeen and Ganesh. Moyeen has a successful blog on bollywood movies and earning good number of clicks which come solely thru google search.

The event is set to start.

The key organizer Bosky giving out the intro talk. Heard that he was working in Microsoft for some 3 years and has now started his own company.

While the talk on how to and et al of the Yahoo Pipes is goingon, Mahen and Gapp are seen meddling some stuff on the internet. Thanks for the good Wi-Fi available at the venue.

Srivatsan giving out press talk to Divya, reporter at The Hindu.

Although the crowd is moderate all the participants were so much keen in churning out their mashups using the yahooPipes.

A pep talk by bloggers and developers. A good share of information took place at the event.

Balaji Sowmyanarayanan busy at developing a mashup.

Gapp busy with the laptop pc. Probably for getting the first prize in the hacking

Although the Wi-Fi is available, the shortage of lap top PCs have made these guys handicapped and they are found having a discussion of yahooPipes P:)

Moyeen and Siddhi found pichifying their brains for churning out a successful pipe.

MTC bus route mash up taking birth inside Siddhi's head, P:(

Arun and Co busy with a mashup .

Vamsee piping thru day Dreams D:)

With the things going busy with guys developing different kinds of stuff then came a talk by RL.Narayana, Director, Equvia WebservicesDSC05604
Narayanan turned up the tables with saying Mashups are still to come up of age and he gives quotes supporting that mashups do not churn out money.
Time has to tell how far these hacks make the other way to profit.

A summary on mashups given out by RL.Narayana
The full presentation made by him can be pulled up from here on the slideshare

Succeeding this presentation is the developer's delicacy -- the mashups created at the pipescamp

Ego search mashup came up as the first demo in the hackday

Siddhi demonstrating his MTC bus mashup

Labsji modified Siddhi's mashup and created an animated one using the yahoo maps, which made interesting to non-techie guys like me.

Arun giving out his mashup.

Arun: Hey, give me the lap top ya ArrG:(

Sagaro: Pongukeejeema


Arun giving out the talk at the closing of the event followed by distribution of T-Shirts to the hackers and a few more gifted people like me D:)

Oh I was not there in any of the photos taken at the pipesCamp
Mahen clicked me while we came out of the venue.

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My take
Plus - Good networking with my friends and some new people.
Minus - As I am not a developer I surely be not developing a single pipe.
On the whole a nice experience.


Anonymous said...

I was also misled by the map. I was so confidently going via the circle without noticing the 7 story building! Coz the map said it is somewhere else! I walked 1/2 km up to the Toyota Dealership, then called Bosky and traced my way back.

Very interesting coverage inter spread with photos! Thanks for the link and kind words.

NinA said...

@ Labsji

Thank you Sir.
A good experience, otherwise I might not have got a chance to go one full round of the Asia's Largest Market.
I searched for ur animated mashup but in vain, also siddhi's mashup is not working, could u help


Narain said...

hmm... sounds like u ppl had fun!
a pity i couldnt make it! :(


NinA said...

@ Narain

Missing u at the event

dxersguide said...

Dear Mr. Srini,

Thanks for the wonderful photos.


NinA said...

@ Mr.Jaisakthivel
thank you

how is morse code classes going on
HAM is really a great technology.
u will get noticed once u ve mastered.
best wishes

Arun said...

Hi Srini,
Thanks for attending the event and giving a nice write-up.
Btw..sorry for the whole maps goof-up..
It was great to have all of you at the event...

NinA said...

@ Arun Prabhudesai

goof-ups should happen
then only it will b fun
i really enjoyed the long walk.

i tried applying for beta of ur hover
the pop-up registration window is not going further.
please include me for ur beta
i really want to implement ur product in my jokes blog -

Anonymous said...

Wow very nice writeup & photos

NinA said...

Thank you Sid
Meet you at

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Srini said...

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