Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catching moments of Chennai at 3:11p.m. on 3.11.07

Defining the moments of Chennai seems to be the strong subject making rounds among the online enthusiasts of Chennai .

How this idea came out?
Ganesh a Chennai blogger and a student of SVCE college was clicking photos in his cyber shot camera on 23 Oct'07. Then there came out a pep talk with his friend Bhargav Ramakrishnan whether it will be cool if all the people of Chennai clicked at the same time. Then joining the talk was their friend Mahen, a blogger cum photographer. A creative talk by three young minds resulted in the birth of the website by name

This is an invite to every Chennaiite to spare a second, at exactly 03:11 PM, on 3/11/07. Just stop whatever it is that you are doing and click, shoot, snap, capture or photograph that moment, just hold that one instant frozen in a picture and
upload the same in the 03:11 PM flickr pool. If you are finding any difficulty just email your photograph to
This is not a competition, it may or may not help charity, it will not prevent global warming, you will gain no medals or no certificates.
But it may indirectly be responsible for the improvement of Chennai city, a lesson to someone, more information to tourists, a good cause to the society, et la..
A visit to the will give guidance on how to synchronize your watch, although even if you are averse of wearing a wrist watch like me, just make sure your cell phone is in sync with the time for the simultaneous capture of the city. Heard that due to the arrival of cellphones there is a drop in sales of watches and alarm clocks.