Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Workshop on blogging in Tamil

A free workshop on how to write in Tamil in a computer and publish them in a blog will be held at the Tamil department auditorium, Marina campus, Chennai University on the 5th of Auguest, 2007 from 09:30 am to 05:30 pm.

Around one lakh new blogs are created worldwide everyday.The aim of this workshop is to feed this information to those who are raring with their creativity, but without a proper channel to show it to the world.

This workshop will be conducted in Tamil by Tamil bloggers. Yes, one can blog in any language including Tamil. We can be proud as Tamils, since among Indian languages, only in Tamil we have more bloggers. According to , the leading aggregator of Tamil blogs, there are more than 2000 Tamil bloggers now and the number is growing everyday. More than 40,000 articles have been written in these blogs by Tamil bloggers whose age ranges from 7 to 70! They are from all walks of life. The only thing that connects them is the spirit they have to air their ideas in Tamil.

This workshop will bring many experienced bloggers to introduce blogger world and to help those desirous of writing articles in Tamil in the internet. It is a sincere attempt to take Tamil blogging to the next level. Demos and open discussions by experts on writing in Tamil in a computer and publishing them in blogs would be the highlight of the workshop.

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