Sunday, August 12, 2007

Photos & videos from Tamil Blog camp

The Tamil blog camp made the gathering a more interesting one with the presence of intellects of the tamil language. The participants got a visual treat of the world's second longest beach the Marina, before entering into the venue.

warm welcome to the bloggers..

The events ... Vicky giving the intro of the event. The message is that the workshop is everybody's event and each one of the participants is an organiser. Participants made sure that they got their seat before the start of the event.

Although similar camps connected with the blogging and the like will usually witness young chaps and techies, this is a unusual one with an equal number of senior academicians making their presence to the event.
The food token with catchy words, was made sure by the organisers the it was received by each and every participant arriving at the reception.
The programme witnessed the exchange of highly useful information between the people. While the discussion on "how far the Government has implemented? " kicked off, the hall witnessed innovative sparks from persons such as Americai Narayanan (above) and the practicalities involved in implementing such policies.

The brain behind the ekalapai, the support software for tamil language.
The websites / blogs connected with the tamil language. The workshop @ the first floor is a quite interesting session on how to start blogging.
The audience were hooked up with the teacher.

Myself tasting the hot & tasty coffee.
Apart from the workshop there were PCs kept in a separate hall for the people to test their blogging skills.

One of the senior most participants taking down notes. Googling has it become a verb ?? ...

The high level of interaction was seen at the workshop. The eldest person to the workshop being interviewed by the CNN-IBN news channel.

A thought for the people on the wise way of selling their ideas.
The youngest participant to the workshop.
Myself with Mahen.
Ramki discussing on how social blogging can be done successfully.
Muhammad Ismail, CEO of Digital Net Services gave a speech on how spyware becomes an unwelcome predators into the internet connected PCs. Some of the useful techniques to find out the spywares, keyloggers were video recorded by me at the workshop. The Youtube video podcast in Tamil is of 4':49" duration.

Poorna seen participating in an audition which included the various activities by the Tamil Bloggers of Chennai.

The organisers who had toiled to make this workshop a fruitful one.
The fruit had become more sweeter with the top headlines in The New Indian Express the next day flashing the moments of the Tamil Blog Camp.

Hats off to you organisers to make the event a roaring success and empowering participants.

Just a click of the evening seashore.


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its awaitng ur second bloggers meet.

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@ Prabhuraj


i shall be posting on the villupuram tamil blog camp shortly

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