Sunday, August 26, 2007

Future Chennai

All Chennai road users are being caught in the midst of traffic jams while travelling. With the construction of the major traffic intersections carried out, what will it look like after these bridges are completed.

Just have a look of the photos of the bridges which will be coming up in the near future..


puyal said...

nice looking future! wide roads or fly-overs, the road users should have the sense to use them properly. parking on wide roads, thereby narrowing the roads and taking u-turns on the fly-overs by our educated riders are a common sight!

Anonymous said...

Realistic pictures. not many cars or buses!

With oil going to hit $150 soon,
wonder whether the citizens could afford other than bi-cycles and scooters.

Atleast some DMK politicians kins made some big money on these.

I am sure DMK will blame it on the temple pujari's for the problem