Thursday, August 23, 2007


Having read many of the blogs on the frisbee event in Chennai, why not myself get into the play.
At first I thought its a simple game similar to a volleyball or basketball, but when arriving at the spot (Besant Nagar beach at 6.45 a.m. on 18Aug'07), I was quite surprised that the frisbee court is almost four times larger than that of a volley ball court.
So should I risk into trying to play this game?
So, stand to the side and just watch the players. Oh the camera phone is a nice utility to make the time a useful one.
In the midst I got the chance to have a guy learn me how to play a frisbee.

Here is a 4 minute video clip shot on my k750i mobile camera

and some of the photos taken at the event..

Mahen listening to the instructions being given by one of the team mates.

The guy giving instruction on some of the changes to be followed for fine tuning the play.

Vatsan - where is ur long hairs man??

Players getting in line for the start of the play.

Just the frisbee had made a fly past...

Teams in action.

There are 14 players in total

Ok, when shall we meet for the next event.

Ok lets make a move...

Then Mahen & me moved on to the shore to have a morning treat of the cool breeze.

A snap of the dilapidated building which has come up in many of the Tamil cinemas.

Mahen shooting me in his camera, I am awaiting to have a look of these photos to blog.

It seems an important sms arrived for Mahen.

What shall we do next. We are hungry, so shall we go to Murugan Idly shop.

Mahen why you have not asked for idly ?? Its Idly shop and you have ordered for a Dosa.

After a nice breakfast I got dropped at the Astalakshmi temple. This is probably the third time I am visiting this temple in my life time.
If my memory is correct I am sure that I have gone to this temple in the summer holidays of the year 1980 or 1982. I was there in Madras for my annual holidays. Then after a quarter century I have made the visit to this place in this year 2007. Years are flying. There is a vast difference in the landscape of the Besant Nagar.

A nice cool climate is a treat to the people living in this sea shore area.


Haru Cornelius Ercole Nahele said...

nice pics :)
btw,that old building is in fact a monument built to a danish sailor( Knut Hamundsen?) who helped save a girl from drowning in the ocean close to the location at which it is situated.